Costa Rica Retreat @ Ser La Luz, What To Bring!

We asked this on our first trip to Costa Rica and the answers will definitely vary.  What to bring?  It varies on where you are going, what activities you will participate in, excursions and tours or the beach.

We are located at around 4,700 ft above sea level – and coming from Tampa, Florida area – this is WONDERFUL!!  Our temperatures run from the upper 50’s SOME evenings to the low 80’s SOME days.  Temperatures do vary like anywhere else.  The good news here is NO FREEZING Temperatures.

We have been outside during the daytime, early evening and late evenings and have NOT noticed many bugs.   You will see bees, wasps and those types of bugs. But not the swarms of nats or mosquito’s like in other places.

Brings us back to the question of

what to bring

  • Sunscreen – because we are so close to the equator the sun is definitely stronger – you can carry on a 3 oz or smaller can on your carry on luggage.
  • Sweater or light jacket
  • Umbrella for when it does rain
  • Swim suit – IF your retreat is planning a day at the beach
  • OFF Bug Spray – or any other type of bug spray that you like
  • Medications
  • OPTIONAL — Yoga Mat — some Yogi’s have a special Yoga mat that they just LOVE!!  So bring it!
  • an extra suitcase just in case you do some shopping for some amazing souvenirs.

ALSO — let your Credit or Debit card company/bank know that you will be in Costa Rica and ask for a “travel alert” to be put on your card.  This way they know you are in Costa Rica and you can use your cards while on vacation.

ATM’s do dispense dollars OR colones (at the current days exchange rate)

We SUGGEST that you use an ATM to take out cash.  Dong an exchange at the airport they will give you UNDER the days exchange rate.  ATM’s are located in downtown Grecia, Sarchi and most other places.  Many businesses will allow you to use your credit or debit card while on Vacation.


Special Notice: We strongly advise you NOT to bring US one-hundred-dollar bills on your trip to Costa Rica. Central America has been inundated with false bills and you will find everyone, including the banks, unwilling to accept them. In fact, the banks may confiscate them. Stick with smaller denomination bills, traveler’s checks or credit cards.

A further note about US bills in general–Be sure the bills you bring are in good condition. Small tears or missing pieces will render them useless in this country.

what to bring
what to bring for your amazing view with us


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