Weather at Ser La Luz

We are ridge line below the Poas Volcano at an elevation of about 4700 feet (1,430 meters). Year around, we enjoy “spring-like” temperatures ranging between about 82º – 84º in the middle of the day, to about 62º – 65º in the evenings.

The “Green Season” is from about May to October, where often the mornings will be crystal clear with rain clouds blowing in some time in the afternoon. It might rain an hour or two and clear for the evening. Late in the Green Season, the rains can last much longer.

“Summer” or the “Dry Season,” is from about October through April. Temperatures are a couple degrees warmer this time of year, there is little to no rain and in our area, humidity is very low.

For those of you in North America, yes, we are also north of the equator, by just 10 degrees. And the seasons are different here that you are used to.

Current Weather Conditions in Grecia


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