Edward - Yoga Instructor

Yoga Instructor

As a child Ed learned it was great fun joining his parents as they did their ‘floor exercises,’ Dad maintaining his back and shoulder from football injuries, and Mom doing stretches from dancing and basketball.

In 1980 a friend introduced Ed to Iyengar and Integral Yoga, and he saw he had been doing yoga long before he knew what it was. A meditator and seeker since his early 20’s, Ed also earned a Bachelor’s in Psychology and a Master’s in Financial Planning followed by advanced certifications in Movement Education and Massage Therapy.

In the 1980’s he focused on a fierce dedication to personal growth, healing childhood wounds that had left him almost paralyzed by introversion. Through the 90’s, demonstrating his emotional triumphs, he produced and co-facilitated workshops and retreats on communication skills and self empowerment. Those themes continue to be woven through his yoga teachings.

Using yoga, he rehabilitated his lower spine and shoulders from injuries from being hit by a car as a pedestrian. Yoga and nutrition were central in his survival from a life threatening illness. In 2002, Ed realized that the good, the bad, and people, places and things of life all come and go, but yoga was his constant centering influence. From this realization and a heartfelt commitment to service, in 2004, he completed his yoga teacher certification from Sherri Baptiste, who along with her more widely known brother, Baron, is part of the yoga legend Baptiste family.

Ed was a popular yoga instructor at many facilities in the San Francisco area, and Sherri Baptiste’s first choice to sub her classes before he moved to Tampa Bay. In the Tampa area, he taught classes for The Yoga Loft studio and was a contributing teacher to their Yoga Teacher Training program. He also taught in his own studio, taking several new yogi’s from rank beginner to practicing higher level poses and transforming their lives.

One of Ed’s primary goals is to meet each person where they are in the practice so everyone hopefully can leave a class feeling like ‘a winner.’

From Iyengar and Integral yoga, Ed believed all yoga poses had been previously created and had strict parameters which had to be followed. Breathing was just a secondary suggestion. In his first practices with Sherri Baptiste, he noticed much of her teachings he had not seen before, and he was shocked she might be making up poses. His suspicions proved correct, blasting open his ability to connect to his own creative process, prompting him to teach from the inner place of ‘in the moment’ inspiration. He experienced how yoga at its most transformational, is a moment to moment inspired creation of movement woven with conscious breath.

Each practice with Ed is a unique, compassionate, and intuitive fusion of all his life experiences, fundamentally grounded in the Baptiste Inspired Yoga method, and guided by the students present and by the teacher within.yoga