Ser La Luz

Statement of Purpose, Objectives and Main Activities
Through empowering educational experiences, Ser La Luz seeks to enhance the health and well being of individuals, families, groups, and communities using methods rooted in kindness, gratitude, mutual respect and positive self esteem.
  • Provide various activities of education and information disbursement of positive modalities for enhancement of the mental, emotional, spiritual aspects of health including but not limited to, holistic health, mental health, yoga, meditation, and other activities promoting wellbeing;
  • Develop physical spaces for the enhancement of individual, family, group and community wellbeing;
  • Promote communication and education through the development of web activities, digital programs and network connectivity.
Main Activities:
The use of in-person, on-line, web, digital, social media, and possibly other formats as they arise. Activities will outreach to local public and international peoples, communities, and markets.
The intention is to include a broad range of life-enhancing activities promoting mental and physical health, family, beauty, culture, artistic development, diversity, charitable outreach, social connections and community building.
Educational opportunities may include classes, seminars or other presentation formats of yoga, exercise, meditation, nutritional and medicinal plant cultivation and processing, food preparation, natural and wholistic treatments, therapies and techniques, home safety, and similar.
Possible development of suitable and convenient physical spaces for any of the above activities.
One-on-one or group coaching including but not limited to,  any of the above mentioned.