Hosts Edward & Michael Costa Rica Retreat @ Ser La Luz Founders and Yoga Instructors

Your Hosts at Ser La Luz – home of Costa Rica Retreat Yoga and Retreat Center

A Boutique Mountain Yoga Retreat Center.  Your hosts at Ser La Luz, home to Costa Rica Yoga and Retreat Center.

We are 2 Yogi’s who sold our home in Dover, FL to purchase property and open Costa Rica and Retreat Center @ Ser La Luz in San Francisco, San Isidro de Grecia, Alajuela, Costa Rica.

We are eager to become your hosts for an amazing adventure.

Our adventure started back in April 2015 and has quickly become a reality.  Spirit/God/Creator, how ever you want to call the divine, lead us to this property and everything completely fell into place.  Michael sold his home within 1 hour of putting up the For Sale sign, for his complete asking price without any haggling.  Ed sold his property with the first person to see it, 1 day after it was officially listed, for ABOVE asking price.  Totally unheard of in any type of market.

Spirit lead us to this property and with just a little negotiations, the owner accepted our bid.  We closed within a month and started to prepare for the move.  While this was taking place, Michael was finishing up his training to become a certified Yoga Instructor through the Yoga Loft in Tampa, FL.  Many times we would fly out on Monday after Michael had training over the weekend.

How did we come up with the name Ser La Luz, which translates to Be The Light?

Michael is the founder and Sr Pastor/Pastor Emeritus of Be The Light Metaphysical Chapel in New Port Richey, FL.  Which is a non-denominational church that he founded in 2011.  So in keeping with the Be The Light philosophy, we translated it to Spanish and Ser La Luz was born.  Michael has put in place others to run the church while he continues his new mission in life.

What is our Vision?

We are still defining who and what we are here at Ser La Luz.

What we are is a small and intimate… ’boutique’… holistic and yoga retreat center. As well as an inviting Bed & Breakfast.  We may be a small property, but there plenty of places to ‘be.’

Our Yoga/Great room is just over 700 sq ft and has the most amazing views.  It will have a small seating area in one corner for the taking off and putting on of shoes, as well as for quiet conversation.

A nice size counter top for serving food during events.

We have a 75 foot long tiled Terrace, outside the Yoga/Great Room, perfect for yoga or even tai chi.  Grab a lounge chair and enjoy the sun.

At the end of the Terrace we call “The Happy Place,” which will be an outdoor living room. Already you can hear the tranquil sounds of a small fountain located there.

Besides our already mature and producing mini orchard, our plans are to grow a big part of our own vegetables and herbs.  We have solar hot water and plan to install solar panels so we can have a smaller carbon foot print.  Michael learned about raising chickens back in Florida and we plan to do the same here to provide fresh organic eggs for our many guests.  We will also use the chicken droppings to add to our composting for wonderful fertilizer.

Our plan is to also show you how to grow some of your own foods regardless of your living arrangements.

No, Ser La Luz & Costa Rica Retreat will not be one of those huge opulent resorts. Yet we expect it to be completely comfortable while maintaining it’s humility.

You will not get lost in a crowd, because we will limit attendance here. We share many personal qualities including the ability to help folks feel at ease. Michael puts it this way, “We treat you like family, because to us, you already are.”

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