Not really. We consider all of these changes and resulting policy to be a work in progress. We welcome your input, and we suggest you check back here periodically to find updates.

Yes, we have been working at creating video’s for our online library and hope to have it available soon.

Yes, we are more than a Yoga Studio, we are also an event center as well as a B&B.  Contact us for more information.

Yes, please talk to us.

We suggest you speak to your accountant. Our understanding is that donations made to our USA organization, Be The Light, are as tax deductible in the USA as donations to any other legally formed church. At this time, we don’t have a definite answer concerning Costa Rica or other countries.

Yes, indeed. Speak to us about that please. You can do a donation here at the studio when you purchase your “Bundle Of Classes”.

Please talk to us.  We want to hear what your needs are, and ask that you hear what our needs are.  For a limited number of people, we can offer barter or work exchange. We have a long history of not turning people away simply due to financial reasons.

No, rewards are only redeemable for more ‘Bundles of Classes.’

Yes, the rewards are calculated when you purchase a class or a bundle of classes.

Yes.  Currently all class purchases are part of the “Rewards Program”.

The Rewards Program is one way we show our appreciation for your continued purchase of ‘Bundles of Classes’. Every time you purchase a ‘Bundle of Classes’ you are banking a generous 10% of the purchase price towards your receiving free classes in the future. Once your banked amount gets to sufficient level, you can redeem it for your next ‘Bundle of Classes’. 

We researched many places offering yoga in locations within a normal 90 minute drive from us, and we encourage you to do your own research. We think you will find that what we are offering is a very real value.  Please take into account not only the fees, but consider: 1- you get 10% back through our Rewards Program, 2- travel time, 3- the effort we put into creating and maintaining our beautiful environment, 4- the amazing view, and 5- we provide many ‘props’ at no charge to you, and 6- that we will offer much more than yoga classes. Please remember as well, 7- Ed and Michael together have probably more than a lifetime of experience practicing yoga and with other life enhancing modalities.

Yes, since bundles currently do not expire, you don’t have to worry about putting things on hold.  When we do change the system to expire packages, we can instigate a ‘hold’ with your signed letter indicating the dates of start and stop of the hold.

Yes, you can. Either on-line or at the studio, when you register for a class with another person, they can use a class for which you have prepaid, and receive your discount. When you do on-line booking you just put in 2 for attending.  When you come here in person you check in 2 times and the system will register you as being in the class 2 times.  This also means that you can share just one email address in our online registration system with your spouse.

Make an appointment to see Michael in person and he will walk you through it.

You can 1) use our online registration system, 2) make a direct bank transfer of funds, 3) pay cash or use your card at the studio. Ask us.

The drop-in rate will apply, just like at any other yoga studio.

At this time, no. However, that might change in the future.  We want you to have motivation to attend classes. And we will likely not be able to carry unused ‘Bundles’ in our system indefinitely.

‘Bundles of Classes’ are groups of yoga classes purchased in advance for a discount off the drop-in rate, on each individual class.

Ser La Luz has many operating expenses that so far Ed and Michael have paid out-of-pocket, and there will be more in the future as we expand offerings and improve the facility.  The income of the Association, goes to offset these expenses and fund the growth of Ser La Luz.

The Association has a total of 8 Board of Directors.  Michael is President and Ed is Treasurer.  The other Board Members have different roles. All of these are volunteer positions. Even Michael and Ed, whatever they do for the Association, whether it is teach classes, web site development, marketing, etc, is all done in a volunteer capacity.

Many aspects of our former procedures were not sustainable long-term. And, we are shaping our structure to comply with the new tax laws. We need the solid legal structure of the Association to offer more classes, workshops, guest teachers, community programs, not just locally, but online.  Ser La Luz needs a predictable and dependable income to sustain the work and the property, and hopefully to grow.

Please click this link to read our Statement of Purpose, Objectives and Main Activities.

“Ser La Luz” is Spanish for “Be The Light”.  Be The Light is the name of the non-denominational church that Michael founded in Florida some years ago. So, the two are sister (non-profit) organizations, and there is some overlap in their purpose and work.

Yes. Just click on “Select Language” at the upper right of the Home Page

As a legally registered business we legally have to charge the IVA (VAT) tax.  It is 13% on all services.  We have adjusted our pricing to include the tax.  When you purchase a class or bundle of classes from us we send in an electronic receipt to Hacienda.  We can also send you an electronic receipt as well.  Upon checkout you will see the breakdown in pricing.  We want to try to make this as easy as possible for everyone.

Yes we are a legally registered business in Costa Rica.  Asociacion Ser La Luz Costa Rica – Personaria Juridica 3002748117

Firstly, these changes help insure our ongoing operation. If you have found value at Ser La Luz, the new structures help us be more certain Ser La Luz will continue offering yoga and –much more– that will enhance your life and experience of living in our wonderful community.


Since the beginning we have offered classes on a donation basis.  In order to better be of service we’ve had to change to a fee based system.  This will allow us to bring in other teachers and offer more workshops.

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