Costa Rica Unique Yoga Studio & Luxurious Resort Center

Unique Costa Rica Yoga Studio & Luxurious Resort Center – Ser La Luz

Welcome to Ser La Luz.  We are a unique yoga studio in San Francisco, San Isidro De Grecia in Alajuela, Costa Rica.  There are many Costa Rica Resort facilities or Costa Rica Yoga Studios with a majority of them focusing in around the beach or low land forests.  There is so much more to Costa Rica and we are proud to be a Costa Rica Yoga Studio & Holistic Mountain Resort, Retreat center.  Located at 4,700 ft elevation on the side of the Poas Volcano we have mild weather YEAR ROUND!  Temperatures average the low to mid 80’s during the daytime and low to mid 60’s at night.  Perfect temperatures for any type of retreat.

We have a total of 5 rooms to accommodate guests to sleep on the property as well as room for tents.  If people are willing to share a bed we can easily accommodate 16 people, more with tents.  We are not your typical resort or yoga studio with a full time staff.  This is also our private home.  This makes us unique and more affordable for your event, retreat, class or workshop.  We are available to assist you in your event, retreat or workshop OR just kind of let everyone do their own thing and just here if anything comes up.  It’s also what sets us apart from other Costa Rica Resorts, your event, class, retreat or workshop is the only one that is here at one time.

Currently we can sleep 16 people on our property.  For retreats and workshops we can arrange for all meals to be included as well as off property excursions.  The property is totally fenced in for privacy.

ser la luz - costa rica yoga studio

If you are wanting to host a retreat or an event that lasts more than 1 day with us, please visit our Costa Rica Retreat website for more information.

Are you looking for healthier recipes?  Looking for alternatives because items are difficult or impossible to find in Costa Rica?  Check out Michaels Holistic Healing website.